with sensitive people sitting in them,cheap coach bags, a Unit of majestic momentum filled the inside, so that was guarding the entrance hall and some of those stricken by heart scared. ‘Cloud Presbyterian soul mine monument,Coach Outlet, has been broken …’
central hall, with a silver throne, looked pale Leiguang Shun the chairs spread on it, a figure dressed in robes of silver light against the back, one pair of silver Double Vision, slowly below sweep, faint voices echoed in the main hall. His voice is not how loud and clear, but it has a strong sense of oppression, so that people can not easily get ignored.
words fall below the hall, neither the same old clothes three grid, his face is changed, and the soul of mine monument, they know one another before, that which, with their hint of soul imprint of storage, if one day they Unfortunately fall, then this soul of mine monument, will also break away, so to say, then Shen Yun. ” There are people in the Central North region dared me who shot wide north wind and thunder? Is Wan jiange people? ‘Health prescribe a long silver eyebrows black man, sounds gloomy road.
‘temporarily do not know that the cloud is to accompany the elders that day Hung Chen to go north of the city, right? wind,Cheap Coach Purses, thunder’ electric three elders,Coach Outlet Store, your body moving about it, check out what had actually happened, no matter who is the hands, even really jiange ten thousand people, Esen Qinzhu again, I thunder North Tower of people, not so casually can kill. ” on the throne, dressed in robes of silver shadows, slowly said. ‘Yes! ‘
three old man immediately got up, Gong Sheng replied,Coach Outlet Online, immediately physique of a move directly into glory Shanlue is out,Coach Outlet Store, quickly disappearedSee. With the disappearance of the three old
, hall once again become empty and quiet again, after a long while, JL