vaguely, faint crack spread ……
‘bang!’ On
sky, the energy crisis Interchange, storm severely startled, then a huge fire was catapulted back plate is finally among the rapidly rotating, becomes more and more weak, until finally completely dissipated, and the fire tray When dissipated,cheap jordan shoes, edged down a huge bone knife is shot out from the turmoil,cheap jordans for sale, heavy falls on top of a mountain, terrible moment would be to force the hills shattered city in ruins, is weak bone knife lying Among the rubble ……
so hard touch, obviously both sides are unable to obtain much good, all is some damage.
‘This is really some strange bone knife ……’
Xiao Yan flames dissipate large array sailed overhead, and finally into five groups by their bite flames swallowed the body,Cheap Jordans Outlet, the eyes look a little surprised that the white bone knife and Sen, in contact with instant, he could feel that among bone knife came in silently a strange fluctuations,cheap jordan shoes, such fluctuations, for the soul of the damage is extremely large, if not his soul has different fire guard, then definitely do not eat a small loss .
‘is indeed the soul of the house, I was able to make several arrests mission failure who indeed have some skill ……’ distant sky, big revere look Xiao Yan’s eyes, is more than a faint hint of dignified: ‘ just less than a year’s time, then you are a star from the two stars of San Jin Sheng, so the speed, and even the old lady had to whom praise, such a talent,cheap jordans, if able to take refuge in the house of my soul, your status identity, not necessarily under the old lady. ‘ Senior
hear big words, Xiao Yan suddenly strange smile, he is immortal soul of the house where the almost endless situation,cheap jordans, and now this old guy actually wanted to draw him not?
Xiao Yan was weird Senior eyes look bigger falls, but also