Yan it?’ Xuanyi eyes swept away,Cheap Jordans, suddenly said. Xuan Kong child hesitated a moment, and said:. ‘Is still the star field in the’ What did you say? How can you not take him out? ‘Xuanyi cheek upheaval, angrily.
‘He is the origin of the fire and the flames were three thousand souls Yan war, apparently trying to take refining the latter,cheap jordans, if I really was forced to take him,jordan shoes for sale, I am afraid he will cause considerable damage.’ Xuan Kong Sub sighed.
’cause some harm, than to die in there good.’ Xuanyi still look Nuse, Xiao Yan is a disciple of drug dust, dust if off after drug circumference, and know Xiao Yan Ge Xing died in Danta region to his character, certainly will not have the slightest talk Danta communication, but also anger came under even punitive expedition.
‘You do not fluctuate too much,cheap jordan shoes, Xiao Yan although at that time the soul at war, you can still able to detect changes in foreign companies, since he did not take the initiative to withdraw, must have their own plan, he is not a reckless person.’ ‘Side Trick child verbally console said. Xuan Kong
child smile, and said: ‘Do not worry, the guy was pregnant several different fire, even three thousand Yan Yan fire really completely broke,Cheap Jordans Outlet, in a short time it is impossible to reach him, to the time and so little to quell some of the star field, I will be once inside,cheap jordans for sale, he will be brought out. ” I hope to see a bunch of time into it instead of ashes, dust drug temper Do not you know what anger them dry out? ‘
Xuanyi saw a star field off place, finally waved his sleeves, quite some anger turned to Vedanta to go, followed by the two sub-seeing Xuan Kong, reluctantly shook his head. \\ {Second more, there is one more. 1182nd chapter stalemate
‘What did you say? Star Yan Yan Huo Da thousands outbreak? Xiao Yan is still where?