lot, obviously, He did not intend to continue with a delay of Xiao Yan.
Xiao Yan is also aware of the change stardom old devil, and the soles of the feet Yinmang flashing Baotui stature, and in between their Baotui, purple-brown flame in the palm of rapid condensation, then quickly turned into a very beautiful flower fire lotus,Cheap Jordans Outlet, an extremely violent energy, since the fire spread out among the lotus.
since the soul force to break through the spiritual environment, Xiao Yan Lin Buddhist anger gather speed, but also more and more smoothly, almost mind a move rooms,cheap jordans, fire lotus can be formed.
purple-brown lotus fire appeared,jordan shoes for sale, Xiao Yan is holding the old devil thrown fiercely against the Stars in the past, and its Putui stature, suddenly accelerated. ‘Bang!’
lotus fire only when the old devil Banzhang away from stardom,cheap jordans for sale, suddenly explode like thunder like Western Cape, the sound of the day, a terrible fire swept out of the waves, some of these pillars of the main hall of the dyke are slips out of cracks in a visible way, the whole piece Square, and it was destroyed was in ruins.
lotus fire explosion,cheap jordans for sale, but Xiao Yan did not have the slightest relaxation, he knew, even with this Buddha anger lotus is not possible to kill the real stardom old devil.
but also did not expect his mistake after the explosion and fire lotus open soon, a hoary figure since the fire is slowly among rows of waves, Xiao Yan a look, it stardom old devil, but at the moment after who touches were broken clothes a lot, looks awkward with one o’clock in Italy, apparently lotus fire power, contrary to his expectations. ‘Xiao indeed peopleHowever, were able to rely on the strength of nine stars, cast Chuzhe Deng powerful attack, ” Notting Laogui eyes staring at Xiao Yan,cheap jordan shoes, on the face, but it is passing i touch