as long as Xiao Yan happy, always be able to absorb the aura, this rate reached eight refining pharmacist, it is only a matter of time.
slightly tidied clothes, refreshing Xiao Yan is pushed out the door,Coach Factory Outlet, when they go out the door, I could see nothing in front of the courtyard, leaf weight, small medical cents, et al., already standing here. When the door opened, leaf weight is quickly looked up and saw Xiao Yan state after quite well, just relieved.
Xiao Yan directed at a few people smiled, he knew leaf weight naturally nervous, today is the so-called five families that assessment, while today’s assessment, will also be set – set leaves home after the fate of all of this, all Xiao Yan is carried on the shoulders of one person. You can even say that all family leaves homeThe fate of life and death,Coach Outlet Online, but also the whole spine rests in the hands of Xiao Yan! ‘Mr. Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet, ever ready?’ Ye Chen Sheng said heavy hand, he also leaves home for today, it will be a fateful day.
leaf weight goes old looking face, Xiao Yan slowly nodded his head, took a deep breath,Coach Outlet Online, and then took the lead against the outside leaves the hospital to go to, a hearty laughter, so that was the heart of the former tight,Coach Outlet Store Online, slightly loosened. ‘Come on, let me come today, it will be called the five families, what exactly has the capability?’ Seeking monthly, recommended votes ~~~ _ ~~~ PS: Our fighting broke again appeared two chief today , plant -KtAAI, large equipment, thanks to support for fighting broke two shoes, and potatoes to be fighting broke two readers to thank for that relic – can be considered now fighting broke 66 AU,Coach Outlet, and do not know whether at the end of the book before reaching one hundred 1119th chapter five families gathered
five families of assessment sites, located in a specific region