only, Xiao Yan is felt that previously consumed by the body vindictive, at the moment turned out to be thoroughly reply, and that inherent in the body vindictive, it seems, when compared to the previous peak, but also some strong ……,
‘good old Bodhi on terror’
aware of changes in the body, Xiao Yan heart could not help but suck down a cold lump of energy among these Bodhi trees,Coach Outlet, extremely pure,Cheap Coach Purses, do not need any of refining, is that it can be converted into a grudge for people to absorb, that is, that Bodhi trees, tree never vindictive source dried up, as long as it is,Coach Factory Outlet, then it will never have to worry about a grudge depletion problem.
course, the most terrible is not here, but this Bodhi trees, seems to hide a kind of expansion effect, like on the body that can be stored in the original Xiao Yan grudge,Coach Outlet Store, but is given a certain value, but Bodhi trees , but it is capable of this, but on a given value, plus some,Coach Outlet Store Online, that is to say, when it helps people recover in a grudge, it was also unwittingly, so that was the body of the container containing sodium vindictive ‘more expand a point ……,
this a very powerful function, imagine, if the container is constantly widening, the so-called bottleneck, even the kind of breakthrough to fight holy day stream, all will be in such a capacity gradually storm expand under ‘slowly disappears.
‘rushing ……’
Xiao Yan was shocked when the body more majestic grudge,Coach Outlet Store Online, that Bodhi trees, once again shake up the rushing sound issue, seems to be urging Xiao Yan Pu Tizi continue refining.
‘Hey, it was a value when coolies!’
Xiao Yan heart secretly like a cry, do not neglect soon, once again pour out the cross-fire, but also to a Pu Tizi thrown in, discovered the benefits, he naturally will not mean their grudge, anyway When grudge depleted, and