impact demon puppet’s body constantly landed last even directly Zala ground, his legs are deeply inserted in the inside of the hard stone, but in the silver mine dissipate later, it is a direct pull up into the sky, exude a bright silver suspended sky, like a never Ares general strike would not fall, majestic.
faced demon puppet so provocative, that death is as angry 丹雷 general, keep from being spit out huge clouds of thunder Pilian, then like guns in general, crackling Ge exhaustively call on demon puppet’s body , is so spectacular scene, see people there with breathing stagnant fSleep & quot; ‘
stone platform, Xiao Yan eyes looking at the sky that 丹雷 bombardment, constantly falling,Coach Outlet, but is constantly pulling up the sky demon puppet, on the face, but also could not help but come to expect some hint of a smile, not After this time Danlei know baptism demon puppet can strengthen and to what extent? Thought here,Coach Outlet Store Online, Xiao Yan mind is that some of the more eager,Coach Outlet, & quot; 1020th eight chapters successful alchemy
cloudy sky, silver mine looked like a silver snake-like walk, immediately give all pixia overwhelming,Coach Outlet, the whole piece of heaven and earth are now trembling slightly up,Coach Outlet Store, dark valleys, and also because that continuous silver mine Pilian, more like daylight, giant rumbling sound in the whole valley echoed endlessly.
at that sky pouring silver mine,Coach Bags On Sale, a bright silver shadow sky suspension, will be that around silver mine, give BU to hand over his body! !!
bang bang bang & quot.;
every silver mine since the sky came crashing down, that road will be Thunder silver figure is inherent among Juli bombers dropped suddenly, when the outbreak of the kind of contact between the dull sound, so that was quite troublesome human scalp , if a change in the normal Yingkang