thunder, which Yisha, entire world, all of whom coagulation,Coach Outlet, after an instant, like a soul in everyone soundedThe sound of explosions,Coach Factory Outlet, shattering spread in the sky …
huge silver mine in many glassy eyes, and slowly collapse, at the moment of its collapse, the sharp-eyed people can find space demon puppet punches landing place, and there was a bar like a spider, spider-like dark space crack, the moment all is not help but suck down a cold lump.
silver mine collapse, demon puppet’s body, too, is the sense of the huge spending power bitter sky, the last in a trembling voice, the earth, the crashing fall into the inner courtyard, but immediately, not wait It was the last view, that demon puppet shiny silver body, is once again skimming out, suspended above the stone,Coach Outlet, will put up a front of Xiao-ting wall defense.
see demon puppet took so powerful a thunder, Xiao Yan is a sigh of relief, ‘the sun in the former body sweep of the sweep, immediately, eyes suddenly make a micro-coagulation. Under
moment quan demon puppet who are exudes silver light, in this Yinmang the car, it seems vaguely room with lightning flashes, which shares the silver light, quite pure,Coach Factory Outlet, but Xiao Yan clearly remember that when When refining it, its body surface, clearly has some spots exist ,,
‘that the power of thunder seems to be inadvertently,Coach Outlet Store, the demon puppet kind of mottled body of impurities, the expulsion of some …’
refining demon puppet to distinguish color grading, increasingly pure color, its strength will also be increasingly powerful,Coach Outlet Online, if at the same level but also between the grade, then the original demon puppet just refining success when, at most only can belong to the middle level, but at the moment through that exercise of the power of thunder, but it is being gradually toward the