if it was hit, I am afraid even the heart was torn out and all.
light breath, step back, Xiao Yan, dark eyes, suddenly took to touch lengli, an intrepid matchless vindictive, like flash floods, since the body of overwhelming violence Chung out, the S1, Xiao Yan That his seven imperial struggle strength, give all cast out.
TV drama feel Xiao Yan suddenly from the body of the powerful storm surge out of vindictiveness, the field is instantly discoloration countless beings,Coach Outlet Online, screams resounded through the sky one after another.
‘imperial struggle?’
‘This person’s strength is stronger than fear Han Han month, right? No wonder …’
vindictive violence Chung, Xiao Yan fists clenched, slightly stagnant,Coach Outlet Store Online, soon suddenly smacked ……, A! ‘
fist to halfway, chewy suddenly turned up exponentially, shrill sound crackling fist around the ring in the sky, and soon, in the eyes of many shocked, bitter and that Hung Chen Lei collision with claws.
‘Boom,Coach Outlet Store!’
hit a low magnetic sound sounded abrupt, forceful underlying strength ripples out from the contact point of the storm surge, above the surrounding rock is spread out like a spider web-like cracks Road.
spread between the cracks,Coach Outlet Store, a figure also shot down and shoved it off, feet on the ground out of a foot conspicuous paint marks 10 meters long, all eyes looked hastily, soon could not help but suck down a cold lump that was Zhentui and turned out to be Hung Chen?
look at the body stayed Hung Chen moment, numerous road sunlight turning moment,Cheap Coach, immediately,Coach Outlet Store, ‘stay in the footsteps of only two steps back that young people who, for a time, look even more shocked that this person actually in front of the Hung Chen battle, dominating the scene? What is the story behind this guy?
Mang Yan Xiupao light shaking, lightning point fingers on the arm, immediately