muffled sound Menheng, immediately, he is a little horror found his soul force,Coach Outlet Online, actually appeared some promise cut! $. ‘
deep breath, shock of color in the eyes of Xiao Yan is also increasingly rich, being in shock, but also a little bit lucky, but fortunately he did not devour this rash of random blood,Coach Outlet, otherwise, the body must not be This is the stuff Skywarp?
refining immortality, is at this moment because this damn blood, but there has been interrupted, which can not be deported coercion, that this immortality, it is never refining success.
Xiao Yan looked dignified face on top of the stone, everyone knows, Xiao Yan alchemy this time, it seems that there is a great deal of trouble -
‘Xiao Yan brother did not know from where did you get the Warcraft essence and blood, even contains this and other coercion, as far as I know, in some powerful family Plains of Warcraft among every tribe’ have a piece Ling monument, spiritual monument being, with a wisp of residual soul, as long as this thread residual soul lingers, then the blood within its body, would not have been others get – this is now the scene, actually quite similar, but Here is the black angular domain, How could there be such a monument of Warcraft has a spirit? ‘on the pavilion, Yan Jiao blue frowning,Coach Outlet Online, some doubts in the minds muttered.
Xiao Yan is not naturally know damn Warcraft will not be a member of a powerful family within the Central Plains, and now, he has been the drop of green and redLiquid made some bruised and battered.
between Xiao Yan headache, that distant purple research,Coach Outlet Store, eye again flashed a Reed Flower,Coach Outlet Online, immediately physique of a move, is facing the stone Shanlue away, immediately petite body directly through the blockade that space, appear in the top of the stone. ‘Girl,Coach Factory Outlet, and now I can not