converge, Chen Sheng said.
sound of a fall, saw fierce eyes lent out a thorn eye projection light, his hands grasping empty, those suspended in the sky medicine suddenly swept a series, and then a steady stream of investment within drug Ding!
these herbs just entering drug tripod, that is nine dragon lunged with a muffled sound Dragons, soon will be the one that is swallowed and enter, soon the whole body, the fire suddenly become rich mans up.
Tang Zhen herbs between the start refining, Xiao Yan and Magic Masters also hurried convergence of mind, soul force since eyebrows gush, and then under the protection of their flame, quickly got into the drug within the tripod, & quot;
soul force has just entered the drug Ding,Coach Outlet Online, ding the two is that horrible feeling inside temperature, Xiao Yan is just fine, and that magic is slightly discolored Masters,Coach Outlet Store Online, and there’s Kowloon Lei Gang fire than just test time can strong, but fortunately Tang Zhen gave him an immortality in advance, otherwise,Coach Outlet, he is difficult to support too long.
‘two, the first part of medicine is about refining finished mix things handed to you!’ After two
soul force into the drug shortly Ding, Tang Zhen’s voice is ringing in the ears.
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan and magic are all masters heart of a tight, do not mind
look off part TV drama prescription ready to do …
lasts twenty minutes, nine dragon drug tripod inside the body suddenly startled,Coach Bags Outlet, giant lips moving, with a round of extremely rich herbal objects, constantly spit out its groan.
these objects are all that remain of the essence of those medicinal drug, some form of powder,Coach Factory Outlet, some of the liquid or solid form, at the moment they are all suspended in medicineDing within. & Quot;
‘hands-on,Coach Factory Outlet!’
These were refined pure drug all impurities, has just