was just days to spare!’
‘It seems that you really some three thousand mine Disillusionment understand ah,Coach Outlet Store.’ ‘Fee-day with laughs,Coach Outlet.
‘kill him, he was playing for time,Coach Outlet Online, costs will certainly catch those days deity scroll up’ if the deity until starting to catch up, it is really no escape! ‘Xiao Yan quickly said.
the sound just down the side of the Skyfire Venerable, Shua is heard,Coach Outlet Store Online, the storm washed out the majestic power of the soul out of the storm surge, the space is intense undulator shook up.
see Skyfire Venerable rushing, also sneer tender fee, on top of the body circulation Leiguang ‘huge lightning flashes above the palm of your hand,Coach Outlet Store Online, the stature of a move, but also crashing out, and finally with the former bitter collision with a huge energy blast and loud thunder,Coach Outlet Store, suddenly resounded through the sky over the mountains.
duo looked fiercely battle, Xiao Yan is quickly pulled away, his eyes firmly fixed on the inner ‘circle of war. Although Skyfire Venerable
day deity and fees comparable strength, but spare, clearly not his opponent, so a brief confrontation dozen rounds, the fee is the best day to spare strive, but even so, Xiao Yan heart but it is more and more nervous, he knew to-day expenses, and perhaps that is able to catch up or how long those scrolls, to the time when chase them today, you want to be off, would be more difficult.
‘Mr. Yao, faster, this avatar purposes only haunt us!’ Xiao Yan Chen Sheng shouted.
Heard, Skyfire Venerable light nodded, stature shocked, strange disappearance, immediately behind the spare space Shanlue day out directly from the fee, contains a surging power of the soul buildings, such as lightning severely Fee-day avatar printed on the back.
low muffled sounds, talent fee table optic rapid circulation of the body, immediately