in their sight.
Hsiao go far in front of people, the end of the space is an invisible channel, channel two
next, with pale silver space Ruoyouruowu barrier, and in the space among the walls, it is a ten
to ten feet or so channels, end of the channel, is a deep darkness, but below the upper channel
to,It also is a kind of a bit scared of the dark, faintly rooms, has a strong spatial fluctuations
penetration from out of the entire channel, extremely silence, without the slightest sound different.
first saw this space channel, even by Xiao Yan anyone, can not help some of absence,
eyes slowly look to the channel on both sides of that barrier formed by the power of space, beyond that, ‘or
darkness without end, who do not know where it would be what scene.
‘Xiao Yan brother, the Luo family ancestors mini space ship removed Come thing in this
in flight speed is quite fast, and with it,Coach Outlet Store, probably only need about 20 days time,Coach Outlet Online, we
is able to reach the Central Plains. ‘Among the dead, Yan Shen blue suddenly broke out loud on.
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan is recovered, palm flash, that space ship is in the hands,
this little thing just appeared, is like entering the water like a fish, the wind surge, just a few between
blink, Xiao Yan is in the eyes of astonishment,Coach Bags Outlet, into one aspect of the vessel Ji Zhang, in
that vessel surface, force the slightest light silver space walk back and forth, mysterious looks very different.
‘Gee, this thing actually – there is such a role,’ No wonder the cost is so expensive. ‘Looking at such a change,Coach Outlet, Xiao Yan mouth suddenly issued Gee amazing sound,Coach Outlet, immediately jumped body,
lead entering the inside of the vessel,Coach Outlet Store Online, then, curious purple research, who is also quick to keep up.
‘in this space at the bow of the boat, with an energy input point, as long