the energy in the blood of the cloud of terror of the rally, the moment also not neglect the palms in front of touch, four different groups emerged out of the fire is, and accompanied by the emergence of different fire, terrible temperature suddenly filled and open, direct is to give all the stench of gas burned around, calling out the four groups of different fire,Coach Outlet Store, Xiao Yan took a deep breath again, fingerprints for a change, a group of gray flame spray since it is out of the mouth, this flame,Coach Factory Outlet, although there is no strong four different fire, but also exudes an extremely powerful flavor, it is out of practice Xiao Yan pseudoisocytosine fire, ‘of fire’
‘five from the Fire!’
together since Di Xiao Yan mouth spread, five flame front is suddenly soared, and soon in a road beast roar loud roar among the five heads into full baizhang huge fire spirit, hovering in Shaw inflammation over the head.
forming rapid fire spirit,Coach Outlet Store, Xiao Yan again Lenghe, five huge fire is to form a singular flexible formation, soon high-speed rotation, the final break in the wind whining, the formation of a large number of colored fire baizhang disk, In his head spinning crazy, terrible hurricane diffuse hot and open, even the blood until they are therefore outside the dramatic fluctuations up.
‘blood ran day clutches!’
distance ‘that four Senior seeing is Lengheng, a mouth,Coach Outlet Online, a Xuezhu is spouting blood directly fired on a cloud in the sky, suddenly,Coach Outlet Store Online, its color is becoming dull down blood violent tumbling cloud, suddenly, blood cloud suddenly split, a little knowledge is a huge bloody handprint almost directly in the eyes of countless horror from the blood within the cloud storm washed out, and then facing a harsh Xiao Yan The shot in the past.
palm that blood might very terrible,Coach Outlet, yet still