Baotui ice breaks also become hideous face down, his red eyes look Skyfire Venerable, immediately shouting: ‘The! Ice crane with a guy who curtain’
not far behind in the ice break, ice crane is gradually brought from Skyfire Venerable Hui Guoshen horror, Fu Sheng hear the ice, only a vicious bite, waved his arms, facing behind that dozens Glacier Valley elite disciples were Chen Sheng said: ‘! on me, at all costs, to seize the woman woe poison, kill that guy.’
heard that dozens of glacial valley disciples,Coach Outlet Store Online, his eyes looked horrified at the venerable day of the fire on the air, and then turned to another mountain in a fighting ring, where the ice element,Coach Factory Outlet, has been demon puppet attacks next, it is danger, there is not the slightest effort to focus circumference of misfortune.
‘not shot!’
in these glacial valley between disciples hesitated, but ice crane – a cry of Li He
and hear his Sheng, glacial valley disciples are all shuddered,After quickly Gong Sheng Ying yes.
seeing ice Crane nodded gloomy face,Coach Outlet Store, feet Yiduo void, as Dianmang like stature, direct Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet Store, in its wake, many glacial valley disciples, is quickly pushed all vindictive body, then turned into a Rainbow Mountain Road, facing away surrounded by Xiao Yan.
air ice ice crane operator, who saw the hands, then turned to Skyfire Venerable eyes passing touch Yinhen, body cold storm surge again, it starts Unending potatoes, actually snatched the initiative,Coach Factory Outlet, and the latter then entangled together, and now this situation,Coach Outlet Online, it seems that only after the XiaoYan 檎 live, maybe it was just able to make a puppet, and in front of this mysterious soul body legislator, otherwise, can only be a dead end!
mountain edge, Xiao Yan looked at all those ice storm swept from the valley, also surfaced on the cheek hint of sneer,