fist, with a wave of Xingfeng, nothing fancy Hong Xiang latter straight to the heart. Wang saw dust suddenly shot, Nalan sweet hastily warned. ‘Bang!’
shadows as lightning shield Ji upright in front of Xiao Yan, fist bombers on it, suddenly broke out a muffled sound. ‘Eclipse dead hands!’Fist quickly spread, palms directly into the dark color of a person’s bleeding, immediately bypassing strange giant feet, almost equal to Xiao Yan throat away. Wang dust attack trajectory is somewhat strange, swaying, as if being manipulated puppets in general, does not seem fast, but it is kind of hard to avoid the sense of singularity.
Xiao Yan eyes looked firmly in rapid amplification of dark eye pupil palms, after twinkling eyes, a condensate, without the slightest hesitation, green flame-filled fist, a boxing out! ‘Bang!’
extremely accurate fist blows on the dark hands, hot flame, the direct cause of the outbreak of a rich handheld succeeded white smoke in the face of different fire,Coach Outlet Store Online, king of dark dust that force corrosion properties of a grudge, there is no effect .
fury of the collision, with a wave of powerful blast, bang bang spread out, will be the impact of the direct vicinity of the giant trees have broken down the middle and on the ground is thus becomes a mess.
‘cross-fire,Coach Outlet Store?’
Quan Zhang battle lasted a moment, that the king of dust face suddenly changed, and the hurried footsteps mounted the pedal back,Coach Outlet Online, body grudge storm surge, and soon will be a ray of subtle green flame in force since palm out, looked at the road flame,Coach Factory Outlet, His face gradually gloomy.
Xiao Yan flexor of a bomb Genju feet, will be satisfied that the revenue warning, the king saw a dust,Coach Outlet, this person is very powerful indeed fall is not weak,Coach Outlet, but for him, it is not much of a threat of force, dark properties of a grudge