moment the hall, sitting nearly to the figure, which most everyone is dressed in robes refining pharmacists, look at their face, apparently also not low age, looking indifferent, did not think here is Fenyan Valley The headquarters of the slightest restraint.
first place in the hall,Coach Outlet Store Online, with a thin stature, red hair and dressed in a plain linen old man, old man goes face is always covered with a smile, but the hearts of people here are very clear in this old man The identity of the domain weight.
red-haired old man in the side, however, stand a pretty woman in red,Coach Outlet Online, slim waistline at the whip wrapped around a dark figure, the outline that was even more touching waist, women face is extremely impressive, but Liu Mei between slender, but it is the slightest trace of British Gas, adding one red Jinzhuang TV drama, looks touches valiant, others some strange charm. when the doors of the house open
hear voices all the large hall is projected to look in the past, and especially when it comes to red fire elders is mixing drugs with a master came, many people are interested in a little The eyes cast over.
‘Oh, red fire, a latest you’d done this,Coach Outlet Store Online, & quot;’ red hair red fire directed at the elder man smiled,Coach Outlet Store Online, then said: ‘It is not the master of inviting others to say that I want to do? Fen Yan Gu not entertain ill? ‘
redhead hear the old man’s words, red fire elders nodded,Coach Outlet Store, then tilted his head, facing Dianwai said: ‘Rock owl little friends, come now.’
‘rock owl?’
heard elders called red fire, the hall that has a dozen of some renown in the field of refining pharmacists are all frowned slightly,Coach Outlet Store, they may have never heard of this in the name of the domain when it appeared a rock owl master mixing drugs. & Quot;
doubt among the crowd, a slim figure, but also self Dianwai