Yan and old drugs are not anxious to know, immediately after the two legged rest is in the house, so wait for the lasts several hours, Xuan Kong sub trio had just slowly return.
‘There are two messages, one good one bad.’
into the house, Xuankong child smile a cry,Xiao Yan duo, said: ‘The good news is that we can have five votes in favor of the league ……’
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan and medicine old spirit is aroused, five votes, although not win, but at least represent some hope.
‘The bad news is another three days, is the big new housing Presbyterian Hospital Presbyterian, when the new elders, will also have a one vote, but unfortunately,Coach Outlet Store Online, the best chance of entering the large Presbyterian hospital is an extremely pedantic same old guy that old guy you know. ‘, then in the end, Xuan Kong son turned to the old drugs.
old drugs frown, said: ‘Creepy waiting?’
‘ah do not always tell you is that the eye of the old guy.’ Xuan Kong sub helplessly: ‘Whether it is from the pedantic or anything else in terms of patience,Coach Outlet Store Online, if he becomes the new elders, but it will definitely vote against, for Dan will be the year that you will step below him,Coach Outlet Store Online, the old Chinese guy ………… but uncomfortable for many years,Coach Factory Outlet,
‘If you did not leave the small Danta, you had to become a large Presbyterian Hospital Presbyterian now this thing is not a headache.’ Xuanyi glanced at the old drugs,Coach Outlet Store, faint Road.
for the remark, the old drugs can only smile.
‘Now how do? If that old guy really voted against the’ coalition of the things that basically gone. ‘Trick son Chen Sheng Road.
Heard, Xuan Kong and medicine old son also fell silent.
‘it would not be no way, as long as do not let it become a new Presbyterian odd monkey, it is not on the line.’ Xuanyi Road.
‘spoke easily, in the mountains now Danta,Coach Outlet Online,