dry chuckle: ‘Xiao chief joking, just that I was lard heart, only to pay attention to your body to hit, now that your identity,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, give me some courage,Tiffany & Co Outlet, they dare not offend the ah. ‘
‘What is your name?’ Xiao Yan faint smile, said.
‘He dry,Tiffany Outlet Online Store.’ He and everyone busy main road.
Xiao Yan nodded, eyes glanced at the training ground for those bloody mercenary group members, plain: ‘I and the bloody mercenary group a little bit old, today this thing, this would expose too, in the future you He home If what means then secretly move, it also blame me ruthless. ‘
‘all listen to the words of the chief Xiao, Oh, if I knew bloody mercenary group chief Xiao know, give me a courage is not to come to trouble, Jinrizhishi He regarded me dry offend in the future, would certainly look for opportunities to Several bloody mercenary group headed apologize. ‘He nodded dry, immediately look for a turn,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, down the field in a crowd, it is a good laugh. He saw that
dry smile, middle-aged man who is hurried hand, he clearly knows to He dry strength, to kill them bloody mercenary group do not need take much effort, if not today is Look at the face of Xiao Yan, has long will they bloodbath, which may also be so kind to speak to them, and therefore, even if it is by means of Xiao Yan Wei, but he is also not neglect.
Xiao Yan nodded,Tiffany Outlet, this He dry, it will be a man indeed, had with his strength. He forcibly kill it just dry matter between the idea of ​​a move, but He also underlie a dry behind the Hittites home, Xiao Yan is now about to retreat, naturally, but not willing to go to great pains He shot home, therefore, to let him quit, the idea is not bad ending.
‘Oh, Xiao chief, some time ago my family He also received the’ Yan Union,Tiffany Outlet, ‘the invitation, the old ponder for a long time, should also join the alliance,