in general. ” Dan family man? ’1100th Test zero eight chapters
girls seem to age is not large, it looks like ten years old **,Tiffany Outlet Online, Jiaoqu exquisite,Tiffany Outlet, an extraordinarily beautiful cheeks pale, spotted faint kind of morbid appearance …
of course, to attract the eyes of Xiao Yan, a young girl’s face was not available, but its chest rocket round badge, While this badge when Dan came to the holy city, and since he is the mysterious white car Luan last seen, so he understood that this badge, it is one of the five families that Dan Dan domain family emblem. ‘You.’ Are you okay? ‘Girl from the ground to hold up the body, Xiao Yan looked Qieqie a whispered.
hear the girl’s voice,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, Xiao Yan’s mind just home from that family emblem Dan transfer Western eyesPalpitate looking girl in front of the previous scene is so frightened, so that was his heart is now beating live in earlier, he clearly felt,Tiffany Outlet, within the body of this girl,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, broke out of a very strange suction, and under such suction, even his body is a kind soul could not help but be sucked out of the signs of terror.
rubbed his palms, Xiao Yan Jiao implied step back, though this girl looks but seventeen-year-old, but it reveals a sub strange, but she was the most low-key person Dan home, which can not help Xiao Yan pay more of an eye. ‘Nothing …’
saw Xiao Yan shook his head, girl this light relief, but Xiao Yan eyes look a little strange, it seems a little surprised at the touch after she was able to Huan then nothing …
‘that … sorry …’ Girl on the sweep of the sweep face Xiao Yan, Xiao Yan Road, a cry apologized,Tiffany & Co Outlet, and then wait for Xiao Yan is the answer, that is flying and turned to leave, the flow of imported disappear.
looking at every move reveals some weird girl Xu, Xiao Yan brow wrinkled up also could not resist, between faint,