‘Huang elders, so let them be taken away if the origin of the dragon phoenix it?’ teeth white-haired man, a look of resigned, said.
‘that you have the means? rushed to talk to that guy Si Pin? who we all die off here, I’m afraid not hurt people!’ Huang Xuan at the moment is full of anger, to the mouth of the ducks fly, and before you fly also fiercely dumped him two ears, how can it get calm.
‘I did not expect & quot;.. bang – a little girl turned out to be a family Void cologne, if not her words, if the origin of the dragon phoenix, he is my demon days Phoenix family foregone conclusion’ Feng Qing children Silver teeth nibble, said:. ‘There are the & quot; family Centrist so much stronger over, if we fail, then a while back & quot;.’ Phoenix took a few breaths
turn, so that was hard to calm down, after a moment,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, his eyes a turn,Tiffany Outlet Online,
suddenly turned, facing the corridor to go to.
‘Huang elders?’ Upon seeing this, Feng Qing children, who hesitated.
‘go, go cover that animal spirits, the day the bones to move back to Phoenix,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, however, can not be empty-handed
while back, with these things, whether it useful to useless,Tiffany & Co Outlet, can block some people’s mouth is blocked by some. ‘Huang Xuan looking gloomy, Xiupao toss is a big step toward the hallway of the experts go, followed by Feng Qing children, who also can keep up with, after all those bones do not know how many years, the skeleton has become waste, Even going to withdraw,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, fear is no effect.
looked back to the days of rapid withdrawal and demon Phoenix family and others, Notting old devil is looking cold, staring eyes tightly Hsiao go far places disappear, awe-inspiring and said: ‘Xiao Yan, wait, soon We’ll meet again,Tiffany Outlet, that time, that is when you are with that stars fell Court, complete destruction of!